A Journey Through the Chakras: Speaking your Truth

symmetry yoga alameda oakland yoga studioVishuddha Chakra

Common Name: Throat Chakra


Color: Blue, light blue, turquoise

Element: Space (akasha)

Sense: Hearing

Mantra: HUM


“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love with have the final word” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Vishuddha Chakra Is the energy center that governs communication, our primary tool for relationship building.  Vishuddha means purity in Sanskrit, in other words, clarity of communication. This includes speaking from a place of truth and honesty while holding the intention of non-harming and non-violence. The throat chakra also includes the expressive uses of the voice such as chanting, singing, and recitation.  


Balancing the chakras usually begins from the roots on up, and when doing so the throat chakra is supported by the lower foundations of stability, creativity, confidence, and love derived from the lower energies.   However, with the throat chakra there is a unique function of the voice. It is believed that through expressing the voice creatively you can transcend the limitations of the lower chakras and experience alignment from the roots on up.. This is one of the reasons why mantra, spoken affirmations, kirtan, audible breath work, and chanting is a common tool used in yoga classes and can feel so amazing.


The throat chakra includes the neck, vocal chords, trachea, and mouth but the sense associated with the throat chakra is  hearing. So if we get into the practice of telling ourselves lies internally or externally, we unleash a sound wave of untruth to crash down within us and we end up out of balance. If the lines of communication breakdown between the heart and the outer world you will feel disharmony.  In other words, if the harmony of the outside does not match the inside your harmony will be out of tune. When our mouth speaks what our heart and guts know is not the truth, we get into a practice of breaking our own heart over and over again. Delusion can set in if we habitualized speaking untruths into the world and keep listening to our own lies as though they are true.  


Just as heartbreaking is when we have things to contribute, inner wisdom or perspectives to share, and we bury them in fear and remain silent. This is not to say silence is not a powerful tool, it is, when it is a chosen state, not a petrified one. Our ears want to hear our voice resound in the world.


You may feel the somatic clues of a disturbed throat chakra if you have chronic neck pain, hold tension in the neck and shoulders, grind your teeth at night, tend to slump your posture especially in social situations, have a dry or phlegmatic throat, or suffer from thyroid problems.  


Here are some questions you may ask yourself:

What am I not saying?

What am I swallowing down?

What do I want to express and to whom?

What do I want to cough up?

Am I saying anything that is meant to harm?
Do I use my voice as a weapon?


A few helpful affirmations:


I communicate freely and with ease

I release doubt over what I say and did not say

I am a compassionate listener

I create speech that expresses my loving thoughts

Being honest will free me from my current situation


A few other helpful things to try are drinking lots of room temperature water, singing in the shower, reading to yourself or someone else out loud, or reciting a favorite mantra.  

This piece was written by Valerie Tao Marco.

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