Chakras: Mapping the Emotional Body

Chakras mapping the emotional body

“Chakras” is one of those terms that gets tossed around a lot, like “Karma” and “Low-Carb”. But what does it really mean?

The “Chakras” are an interrelated string of energy centers in the body that the ancient Yogis located and documented many thousands of years ago. Each one of the energy centers appears in the sacred Hindu texts as a swirling mass of energy. Each Chakra lives in a very specific place in the body, and serves a specialized purpose for the whole system.

This may seem like a vague, antiquated concept with little if any significance in today’s world, but here’s the coolest part: modern science has located bundles of specialized nerve tissue in the body in the exact locations where the ancient Yogis mapped the Chakras. This means that the ancient Yogis were onto something big: that the body itself has intelligence, fueled by electrical energy, and that we can tap into in key places throughout the body when we need to in order to heal, get stronger, or gain insights about our condition.

The First Chakra is the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. This Chakra governs the elimination organs, as well as the lower parts of the pelvis. This Chakra is all about feeling safe and grounded in our bodies and lives.

The Second Chakra is known as the Sacral Chakra, located in the upper part of the pelvis, sacrum, and lower abdomen. This Chakra governs the reproductive organs, lower GI tract, and lowest part of the spine. This Chakra supports our creative energies and “generative” aspects of our spirit: the parts that enable us to create life (if we choose to) as well as creating art, passion, etc.

The Third Chakra is known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, located in the upper abdomen, just below the solar plexus. This Chakra governs the digestive organs, including the stomach, small intestine, liver, etc. The Third Chakra also supports our powers of discernment, allowing us to take in and “digest” information in an empowered way as it comes to us.

The Fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra, located in the middle of the chest. This Chakra governs the heart and thymus, and is the place where love and compassion live in the body. The Fourth Chakra supports our sense of connection to the planet and all the creatures who live here (including people!).

The Fifth Chakra is the Throat chakra, located right at the base of the throat. This Chakra governs the thyroid and voice box, and supports our powers of self-expression. The Fifth Chakra can get congested if we’re deprived of the opportunity to speak our truth, but Yoga can help you find your voice!

The Sixth Chakra is located in the skull, encompassing the ears, eyes, and olfactory system. Like the Third Chakra, this area is all about taking in and interpreting information from our surroundings. Clearing any interruptions in our chain of perception (including self-image and body issues) helps us tap into the power of the Sixth Chakra, instead of being limited by it.

And last but not least, the Seventh Chakra! Located at the crown of the head, the Seventh Chakra is where our entire energetic being culminates. The seat of our greatest wisdom, this Chakra rules the brain, and all the beautifully complicated fluids, and tissues that encase it. Accessing our Crown Chakra is a tremendous gift, helping us tap into our highest wisdom and become happier and healthier throughout the system.

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