Elements of Yoga – A series designed to strengthen your practice with Mary Smith

Yoga Alameda

When I started my yoga practice over ten years ago, there was one yoga studio in my town and three class options. Since then, the yoga landscape has changed and finding a comfortable starting point can be intimidating. What studio should I go to? Which class should I choose? What exactly is Vinyasa? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, or others about getting started with yoga, then this workshop series is for you. By parsing out the elements of a well-rounded yoga practice in each workshop, you will build a strong foundation so that you take your next yoga class with more knowledge and confidence.

During my first year of practice I felt great, naturally flexible and a glutton for movement, I felt like I was nailing my practice. After that year, I began studying for two hours every Saturday with one teacher and that is when my practice really started. As a kinetic learner, yoga gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, my habits, my hang-ups and through movement, my life has been forever changed.

For experienced yogis, this workshop is a great way to gain perspective and awareness of your personal practice. In this series, you will be able to ask questions, explore variations of poses you already know as well as tune into the subtle side of your practice through breath and mindfulness. By taking the time to learn about the anatomy of movements, you will be able to go deeper to receive everything your practice has to offer.

During these workshops you will also learn how to safely modify postures to work with injuries as well as the specific aspects of your body that may need more attention on any given day. Gain a deeper understanding and move with intention to make the most of your practice every time you hit the mat.

You can choose to take all of the workshops in sequence or just pick those workshops that you think will enhance and strengthen your practice.

All workshops take place on Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm
Each workshop costs $45 day of and $40 early bird
Special price for students who wish to pre-register for the whole series: $175 ($35/session) instead of $225.
Exclusively for Symmetry Members: 20% off each session separately or $165 for the whole series.

Breath and Movement: Sun Salutations – 9/8/18
Stand Strong: Warrior Poses and Standing Balances – 10/13/18
Mind/Body Detox: Cleansing Breath and Twists – 11/10/18
Get Upside Down: Arm Balances and Inversions – 12/1/18
Open your Heart: Back bending – 1/5/19

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