Fall in Love and Feel Beautiful in Your Body

Yoga AlamedaWhen did you fall in love with your body? How old were you the first time you felt beautiful inside and out? How often do you share your story about your relationship with your body?

It’s important to explore your current relationship with your body. Many of us have suffered through years of hearing the voice an inner critic. This critic criticizes every inch of our body. There is also a beauty and wellness industry that use BILLIONS of dollars in their marketing to make sure that there are plenty of TV, print and digital media advertisements that promo miracle ointments and serums to keep you looking like you never aged after your 16th birthday!

For larger body folks there is even more. Its called #Fatphobia. Large bodies have been vilified for the last few decades. Can you name a plus size actor/actress who was featured as the love interest in a major Hollywood film?When there are large bodies on screen, are they portrayed as angelic or evil? How mind blowing would it be to experience PLEASURE in the PLUS SIZE body?!

Symmetry Yoga will host a special event on Saturday July 14th 1:30 – 3:30pm

Our resident Hatha yoga instructor Misia Denéa and Social Media Star Valerie Sagun of BIG GAL YOGA (@BigGalYoga) will co- host : LET ME FAT IN PEACE: A workshop celebrating plus size bodies!!

Early Birds (register by 7/6/18) will receive a signed copy of BIG GAL YOGA by Valerie Sagun.

We will practice yoga in a way that will:

  • Reclaim Health with a Body Positive and Health At Every Size approach to Yoga and Wellness
  • Explore Self -Care with yoga and meditation
  • Compassionately Build Community to reduce isolation as plus size people who enjoy yoga + wellness

Secure your spot and sign up here!