Foam Rolling Workshop with Sophia Araneo

Saturday April 22nd 1:30pm-3:30pm
Foam Rolling is a quick, easy and incredibly effective way to relieve tension and promote optimal joint health. Also known as Self Myofascial Release (SMR), Foam Rolling is the go-to muscle release method for athletes of all levels. It’s particularly helpful in resolving persistent pain in the low back, middle back, and hips, and it’s a great way to work through “knots” in the muscle no matter where they’ve formed.

Our very own Sophia Araneo has drawn on her deep knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to customize this workshop for all participants. Come as you are, no prior experience required! We’ll start with a quick discussion of SMR techniques, followed by a gentle yoga warmup, then spend some quality time on the Foam Roller. This workshop is sure to fill up, so contact the front desk as soon as you can to secure your spot! Foam Rollers will be available for purchase before or at the end of the workshop, and follow-up support with Sophia is included for all participants. See you there!

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$40 Online / $45 At the Door