Friday Night Flow 11!

Friday November 18th 8:00-9:30 pm

Let’s celebrate our gratitude with this SPECIAL EDITION Friday Night Flow mash up! Get inspired and move through this open level yoga class taught by Nikki Borodi and Elissa Sun as they switch between teaching and serenading you! Nikki and Elissa unite their biggest passions of yoga and music and invite you to partake in this unique class offered by Symmetry Yoga.

Whether you are new to yoga or a long time yogi, this class with Nikki and Elissa will invite you to deepen your experience of Vinyasa Flow. Through music and movement you will find a sense of play in your practice, learning to listen to the body’s intuition, and how to move like your most embodied self.

Nikki Borodi is a singer, song-writer and acrobat and yoga instructor. With Symmetry being her home studio she is very excited to be offering this special class. Nikki dazzles audiences by combining her unique vocal stylings and acrobatic talents during her signature “Acrolele” performances. Her message can be felt with every performance she gives-we have the power to transform fears into flight and to turn dreams into reality. Check her out at

A California girl at heart, Elissa Sun was raised in Seal Beach, CA where she was exposed to a variety of musical genres that have inspired her musical path. Some of her influences include Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, and Lauryn Hill. Elissa began songwriting and singing as a form of therapy and storytelling, using her words and voice to release mental and emotional energy. To hear some of Elissa’s heartfelt sounds please visit:

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