Holiday Sound Bath with Missy Felsenstein

Alameda Yoga StudioSaturday December 2nd

Feeling overwhelmed and frazzled by the holidays? Need to carve out a little “you” time to restore some peace and calm?

Enjoy a night of effortless relaxation as you journey into deep rest with a special live sound “bath”. A sound bath is an immersive concert of meditative tones and vibrations with gongs and crystal singing bowls. Through those sounds and vibrations, you can reach deeper states of relaxation, meditation, and can feel “re-tuned,” restored and rebalanced.

The resonance of the instruments can be so strong that it’s not just an auditory experience. You are receiving a sound massage. Many people will reach altered states of consciousness. Research has shown that sound can have a powerful and immediate impact on the whole body, helping to bring it back into harmony and promote healing! Current research shows Yoga Nidra can help those with PTSD, addiction issues, depression, cancer, multiple sclerosis, hearts disease, chronic pain and other emotional issues.

No yoga or meditation experience required. Simply lie back and feel effortless relaxation.

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