How To Begin a Home Yoga Practice

My home practice is truly where I fell in love with, not just yoga, but with my Self as a yogi. It has also been an essential part of my healing with my mind’s journey and for my brain as I live with Epilepsy. I have learned that oxygenating my brain and body with conscious inhales and exhales, paired with mindful, self-nourishing movements has been immeasurably important to my daily functioning.

To Yoga in the comfort of your own home is a beautiful way to honor yourself, your journey, and to bring all that positive energy right into your living space!

Wondering How To? Let’s jump right in!

1. Start NOW – As with any new habit, the best time to start is exactly when the Spirit calls for it! So if you’re wondering about whether or not you can make a home practice happen~ The answer is YES and the time is NOW. You can do this!

2. Begin Where You Are TODAY – Whether you are a seasoned studio yogi who wants to extend practice to the homestead or if you are newly beginning your yoga journey and want to try it in your comfort zone, you are already prepared for the ideal home class. Pay no mind to poses you “used to do” or poses you “hope to do” because what you CAN do right now is beautiful! Honor the Present moment by allowing yourself to begin exactly where you are.

3. Choose Your Favorites First – Taking a yoga class or following a video is a wonderful way to try new poses, challenge your efforts, and to allow yourself to be led. But your home practice is for YOU. Love standing poses and get frustrated when it’s time to come back down to the floor?! Stay standing! Despise the burn of ( my nemesis! ) Chair Pose? Skip it! Wanna stay in Savasana for an hour?! Doooo it! Fall in love with YOUR unique yoga practice.

4. Bring In A Little Special Something – What makes you feel joy? What brings your heart happiness? Bring a little of that into your practice by setting the scene: Light a candle or start your essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy. Play some music! Or if you have a special keepsake, place it lovingly on the top of your mat where you can see it and reach for it. Allow yourself even just one small *something* that creates a sacred space to practice.

5. Use Whatever Props You Have – Like being creative? Perfect! Use a towel for a mat, an upside down stock pot for props, fuzzy couch blankies for knee support, and a couch cushion for a bolster! You don’t need the fanciest materials to make your time on the mat worthwhile! You just need you and your openness to the experience . All else will naturally follow.

6. Choose Timing that is Ideal for YOU – Make your practice work for you by gravitating to when your body calls for it. If you are an early bird, set your alarms even earlier and use that time to roll out your mat. If you’re a night owl, own it and utilize that moonlight for your meditative movement! Whenever feels right (and logistically makes sense for your life and schedule!) is the perfect time for your practice.

7. Establish a Routine – Aww routine, my favorite! Why? Because routines are reliable! And in its essence isn’t that what our practice provides? A sense of reliability, something we can truly count on. Once you have taken steps towards creating a home practice, keep it going by establishing consistency for yourself! Keeping this small promise to yourself will strengthen your consciousness and allow you to create magic at home.

There is no limit to how deep your practice can go when you do it in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps it may feel a bit out-of-element to begin but trust me, the awkwardness of starting a home practice is minimal when you weigh it against potential benefits.

Watch as your relationship to the process shifts. Be present as your relation to Self grows. And know that you are doing beautiful things for YOU.

Written by Tiffany Marguez.  Tiffany teaches Early Bird Flow at 6am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.