Introducing Gentle Yoga in Alameda CA

Yoga Alameda Symmetry

Fridays 9:00am

We are excited to announce the addition of a new class to Symmetry Yoga. This class was designed based on the needs and requests of our patients. Some Symmetry students have ailments and injuries that can temporarily prevent them from enjoying a fast pace yoga flow, but with Gentle Yoga, taught by Elena Kelly, accommodations and modifications will be made to allow for the most gentle version of yoga individualized for each students limitations.

You don’t have to have any physical obstacles to benefit from this class. Gentle yoga, is as it sounds, a gentle, calming and often invigorating version of your practice.

Elena is excited to be teaching this specialized class. She is known for her ability to shape and mold a class to individual student needs. She utilizes teaching techniques that ensure specific and deliberate yet gentle guidance. During class she enjoys playing between challenging and nurturing the body.

So whether you feel the need to give your body a little extra care or simply need a breather from the rigorous grind of life, this is the class for you. Come join us Fridays at 9am at Symmetry Yoga. We hope to see you there!