Introducing Yoga Consent Chips to Symmetry!

At Symmetry Yoga, we aim to make all of our offerings a safe and welcome space for each and every student. Keeping with this intention, we now offer Yoga Consent Chips to provide a simple and discrete way for students to let their teacher know that, for today, they prefer not to receive hands-on assists.

In public yoga classes, teachers often assist students with the intention of offering direct feedback and attention, however the act of assisting might feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. Sometimes students may express their wish to not receive adjustments privately, either by letting the teacher know prior to class or right before receiving the adjustment.  Yoga chips offer another way to facilitate communication by discreetly allowing the student to indicate their preference towards hands-on adjustments from the teacher.

How do I use a Yoga Consent Chip?

Simple! Prior to the start of class, grab a circular yoga chip located in the yoga studio on the shelves housing the props and place it at the top of the mat. Flip the yoga chip to the side labeled “Y” for Yes, which informs the teacher that you welcome assists, flipping the yoga chip to the side labeled “N” for No, lets the teacher know that you would prefer not to receive hands-on assists today.

If you have any questions about the use of yoga chips, feel free to ask your teacher prior to class. We hope that these chips serve as a useful tool to support your practice.