Love Yoga, But Short On Time?!

Hop On The Yoga Express! 

A 30 minute express practice to re-set your day. Symmetry Yoga in Alameda cares about the needs of our students, that’s why we have created this special class for the yogi on the go! Although quick and to the point, nothing is compromised in this yoga practice. Students will be guided through simple exercises in a deliberate manner to achieve maximum value in minimal time.

The Yoga Express is an All Levels class that will dive into a simple, moderately paced, flowing practice to increase blood circulation and boost energy to carry you through the day. The class will also explore basic pranayama (breathing exercises) and easy meditation to clear the mind and reduce stress hormones.

Although this class is based on Vinyasa Flow principals, and will explore Sun Salutations, students should not expect to “feel the burn” or “sweat it out.” This class is meant to facilitate connection to the mind, body, and spirit, even while in the midst of the work day. You will leave this class energized and focused.

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