Make Your Bad Knee Your Best Knee

Power Plate Alameda

The concept of a bad knee is on the minds of many people these days. Some focus on pain, inflammation, past injuries, or recent surgeries to name a few challenges.

Let’s consider the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL as it’s most commonly referred, for example. Just below your kneecap is a protective band of tissue that prevents the leg from moving too far forward so that our bodies can do wonderful things like run long distances, climb stairs, and most importantly traverse dynamic terrain. One reason this ligament is so important is because the nerve receptors within help us to understand what our knee is doing without looking down for visual confirmation. If you’ve ever followed sports that are hard on the knees (Basketball) you’ve heard of a few athletes having surgery to repair a damaged ACL. Enter, the bad knee.

If you’ve ever had such an injury, what began as a loud pop and immense pain eventually lead to surgery and therapy. Even if you’ve never been injured, we’ve all heard how boring therapeutic exercises can be. Short range of motion, repetitive, sometimes painful exercises that seem to never end until one day you get full use of that knee again. There’s an alternative to traditional boring therapy methods. The alternative begins with a shift in thinking. Neither of your knees are bad and changing those thoughts to honor your body as spectacular and capable is the best place to start your healing. Once you change your mind to know that you are not weak, instead you are getting stronger, you’ll want to find an exciting path to strength.

Step up to the Power Plate®.

A recent study revealed that “Power Plate® training resulted in a greater improvement of joint stability and balance than conventional strength training. Power Plate® training also has the advantage of shorter training time. It should therefore be considered a useful addition to rehabilitation interventions after ACL reconstruction.”  You can read the full details of the study here.

There’s no shortage of information as a testament to how magnificent the Power Plate® is as a healing tool. You should experience Power Plate® for yourself to understand how therapy can feel invigorating. Symmetry is offering classes designed specifically to aid in lower extremity rehabilitation. Increasing bone density and improving blood flow are just a few of the ways that the Power Plate® will aid on your road to recovery.

Even if you’re not recovering from surgery, the Power Plate® can help you to improve your body’s awareness. You may have read that part of the study, linked above, was executed with blindfolds on the subjects.

Lunges will feel like a completely different challenge when you’re able to determine the ideal position of your knee (over the ankle) without compromising your posture and looking down to check. Physical and mental awareness that leads to less stress is a great gift. Your body and mind are great gifts and there’s nothing bad about you.