Mighty Heart Power Plate®

Power Plate Heart Health in AlamedaThere are many fitness goals that are spoken aloud and the most common goal we hear at Symmetry Yoga is, “I just want to get in shape!” While that takes on many different meanings based on the perception of the receiver, many can agree that improved cardiorespiratory fitness can be included in that definition. When your lungs feel capable and your heart feels mighty, you’ll certainly feel like you’re “in shape.” There are several tenets to what defines fitness (and being in shape).

Balance, flexibility, muscular endurance, agility, and cardiorespiratory endurance are just a few. The latter of those tenets is, arguably, the most important because it’s the type of fitness you can feel no matter what.

That’s where Power Plate® can make a difference. Captain Obvious reminds us that we rely on our heart and lungs to get us through even the most sedentary of days. For those that choose an active lifestyle (or those that want to begin one) it’s important to increase lung capacity and the strength of your heart. Do you know your resting heart rate? Check your pulse as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you want you can do this for three days and take an average, that will be your resting heart rate.

The lower the number (within in reason) the better. A low resting heart rate means your strong beautiful heart is pumping so efficiently that it doesn’t have to pump as frequently as other hearts. While most (consistent) efforts to get in shape will result in improved cardiorespiratory fitness, Power Plate® is a more efficient way of going about it. Here’s a quote from a study on the matter. “The results observed in the Power Plate® training group were comparable with the increases noted in those who followed an equal number of traditional fitness training sessions.

However, Power Plate® training was much more time efficient (average 25 min vs. 75 min).” It’s simple, if you want to make your heart efficient, you should train efficiently. Make the time in your schedule for 25 minutes to get in shape. Visit the cutting edge Power Plate® studio in Alameda, Symmetry Yoga, to try one of our Power Plate® classes that’s sure to power up your heart and lungs.

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