More Than a Resolution with Elena Kelly

Join Us At Symmetry Yoga in Alameda For A Special New Years Workshop

Symmetry Yoga AlamedaCreative expression and yoga asana combine to uncover and embody an authentic and empowering New Years Resolution.

Through guided journaling, and a lead ‘anything goes’ art project with easy to use watercolor paints, we will uncover a resolution that is true to YOU at your purest form.

This exercise will identify deep fears as well as blissful passions, and their relationship to one another.

In this process we will shift our thought patterns to have a conversation with our inner coach, instead of our inner critic, moving away from New Years Resolutions that devalue our current state of being, and instead, develop positive resolutions that encourage and uplift our spirits.

Following this creative reflection, an asana and meditation practice will challenge and nurture our bodies to solidify and embody these new intentions. The yoga asana practice will focus on powerful ‘big body’ postures that add confidence and determination to our resolution and path through the New Year.

Saturday January 9th, 2016 from 10:00-12:15
$40 Covers Cost of Supplies