New at Symmetry – Sunday Evening Flow

Symmetry Yoga Alameda OaklandSundays, 5:15-6:30pm – Sunday Evening Flow with Veda Rammohan

End your weekend on a soulful note through a dynamic, vinyasa-based yoga class that is suitable for students of all levels. We invite you to experience a class with creative sequencing, a focus on alignment, and a reminder to always come back to your breath. The class culminates with dedicated space for grounding and restoration – a sweet Sunday savasana awaits you to help relax and renew – just in time for the Monday grind!


About Veda:

Veda was born in India and immigrated to the US with her parents in the early ‘90s. Trips back to her Motherland always used to excite her, as she felt at hOMe in the sounds, sights, colors, and smells. Veda’s parents practiced yoga in India, and introduced her to her ancestral traditions in the U.S. through Ayurveda, pranayama, and some basic asanas throughout her childhood. However, yoga really brought personal profound meaning to Veda during a weekly Monday class held during lunch time at work in 2009. She slowly realized that yoga was not a practice meant solely for physical fitness, but mental fitness as well. Through yoga practice, Veda realized that she had all the tools of managing her anxiety within herself.

The following years of practicing yoga at various studios made her realize that social media often portrays yoga in a very specific manner in which many people simply do not identify or relate to. Students who are new to yoga may not feel that the practice is accessible to them. Veda embarked on and completed her yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco because she wanted to widely share the practice of yoga in a friendly, accessible manner. She aims to present yoga to her students in a manner that makes them want to come back and deepen their practice.

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