Pilates at Symmetry Yoga Alameda!

We’re all walking a little taller today at Symmetry today, and it’s thanks to the power of Pilates! We’re so pleased to offer FOUR different opportunities each week to get long, strong muscles, build awareness in your body, and tone the core in efficient, exciting new ways!

Our Pilates instructors are trained in the most cutting edge techniques, infusing classes with the intense focus that the practice is known for, offering modifications for new students or those recovering from injury, and developing innovative new approaches to old issues in the body.

Pilates can completely transform the body from the ground up, fixing postural issues that might otherwise be mistaken as chronic/permanent limitation. We’re especially excited to offer Pilates to our current patients who are receiving treatment for scoliosis, disc injuries, S.I. joint issues, and other postural difficulties. Pilates can be a true miracle cure for all kinds of posture problems, from “computer neck” to rounded shoulders.

The key difference between pilates and most other modalities is that it’s all about the inner focus of the student. The movements are relatively simple, and the resistance is minimal, but the mind of the student remains dedicated to the movement, with total awareness of the body’s position in space. This is how Pilates can give you a whole new body: it creates the opportunity for students to become experts in their own physiology, so the student can notice when and how they’re getting “lazy” in their posture, and remember how to self-correct moment by moment.

Pilates is, above all, an incredible tool for rehabilitating injuries. It’s accessible for people of all levels, and can produce instant results in some cases. Chiropractic work is great for putting the bones back where they belong, and pilates is the perfect adjunct therapy, reinforcing the good work of the Doctor and encouraging the muscles and connective tissues to build around the new bone placement. This helps the adjustments become new “habits” in the body.

If you’ve always wanted to try pilates, your first class experience is just a click away! Head over to the class schedule and sign up for your first session today!