Power Plate® Training For Balance and Fall Prevention

 If you are over 60 years young, did you know that Power Plate® training can have a profound effect on your balance and significantly reduce your risk of falling? Studies have shown that one year of training on the Power Plate® results in two very important adaptations. One, anticipatory postural control increases, meaning that you will be able to stabilize before a fall (and ideally prevent it) by activating your core. Two, the tri-planar vibrations teach you how to proprioceptively navigate uneven surfaces. When an unexpected dip in a sidewalk shows up, you are more likely to have the muscle memory to pick up your feet and stabilize quickly. The plates also increase bone density, which is key in minimizing risk should a fall occur. We all fall sometimes, at any age! We all deserve skills to make these incidents as manageable as possible.

Our coaches are developing a program that will take your skills to the next level by incorporating standard falls prevention, safe martial arts break fall technique as well as stance and gait strategy to make sure you have all the odds in your favor. We know that sensory cues play a big role in understanding where we are physically, and we have developed a component to make sure you optimize every possible system to your best advantage.

We champion you and we are committed to making sure you have every advantage. Thank you for trusting us to be your home base movement strategists. We think the world of you.

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