PRO TIPS : 5 Reasons Why You Need a 6am Hatha Yoga Class

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The ambrosial hours are the best time to practice yoga. Wanna know why? Before you start your day you can attune your mind, body and spirit. Many sages, gurus and healers have emphasized the importance of waking up during the “Ambrosial hours” (before sunrise) between 4 – 6am for yoga, meditation and prayer.

Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga emphasizes that enjoying a yoga practice early in the day helps to keep the mind quiet, and can help with concentration and focus throughout the day.

“There is a cosmic peace and serenity right before sunrise.  Changing your morning can change your life.” – Banyan Botanicals

Why this is the best time for an inspirational practice:
  • Early Bird Winners! You start your day winning and reclaiming balance in a positive and affirming environment.
  • Digestive Fire (Agni) – the abdominal organs are massaged at the top of the day with an early morning yoga practice
  • Healthy Posture – Most of us will be slouched over a steering wheel, phone/computer , children , desk etc. for most of the day. Align your spine first thing in the morning to combat the sedentary nature of work.
  • Coffee? Waking up the mind this early in the morning is better than a cup of coffee
  • Zzzz .. You sleep better, the adrenaline from movement in the morning is better than the evening. It’s often more difficult to go to sleep after yoga/exercise in the evening.
How can one prepare for an early morning practice?
  1. Turn of all technology 1 hour before bed
  2. Drink warm herbal tea before bed
  3. Set a soft gentle alarm clock for the morning

Enjoy your 6AM Hatha Yoga class every Tuesday and Thursday with Misia : )