Restorative Yoga and Mantra Workshop with Alex Crow

Saturday April 29th 1:30pm-3:30pm
Join Alex Crow for two hours of deep relaxation and ease, as she guides you through yogic practices that can calm the rational mind, and awaken the intuitive awareness of the heart-mind. In Sanskrit, this heart-mind is called “hridayam”, or the spiritual heart, which is the space from which unconditional love flows. Through the practices of japa mantra (using mala beads), heart centered meditation, restorative yoga and the receiving of Reiki, you will have the space to dive deeply into the healing flow of Love, and come away with practices to invite this loving awareness into your life Mala beads are available for purchase at Symmetry Health Center. There will also be some malas available to borrow during the workshop.

$40 Online / $45 At the Door-Space is Limited for this Event.