A Journey Through the Chakras: Root to Rise

root chakra muladhra workshop symmetry yoga alameda studio Muladhara Chakra

‘‘Our continued nourishment and survival are related to how deeply we tap into our roots.’’

  • Archetype: The Mother
  • Element: Earth
  • Sense: Smell
  • Soul Lesson: Service
  • Shape: Cube
  • Sound: Lam
  • Color: Red

Imagine your root chakra, located at the base of your spine, as the roots of a tree. How high you ascend, directly related to how deep your roots grow. This is your foundation. If it were unstable, ungrounded, you would feel it all the way to the top, an internal imbalance, affecting your other centers of energy. In order to nourish all of you, it is important to re-align and restabilize your roots. From the ground up we center.

Feel your feet on the ground. Is your weight evenly distributed? Do you feel stability, or a sense of uprooting? What is your connection to family? Your upbringing? Your mother? ..is there an experience present of generational trauma?  How do you relate to money? ..to food?..to being in relationship? How easily do you trust?..Do you have back pain?..and how is your circulation? These are Root Chakra concerns, contributing to your sense of security and safety, trust and belonging, in your body and in the world…or a lack thereof.

Our bodies are a metaphor for our internal reality. As shifts take place internally, so does our outer reflection. Staying curious about how your story has settled into your body is the first step in producing a shift. When we acknowledge any pain, any trauma, the reality of our story, we create space for movement, a freedom to release old narratives and stuck patterns.  Although they once served us, they may now be a hindrance to a more fruitful existence. When we are not operating from the limbic system’s fight or flight response, we are allowed a freedom to choose how we move our bodies, giving ourselves the opportunity to navigate the world with a deeper sense of calm and ease.. and a knowing that we are held, fed, supported, seen.

Earthing to draw nourishment in through your feet, breathwork to activate your root lock, intentional movement, journaling, a deeper awareness of your connection to Earth, visualizing a shift in your consciousness…exercises that help us root, so that we may rise.

The roots can exist without the tree. You can cut the tree but the roots will still exist, and another tree will be born. But if you cut the roots there will be no tree and there never will be again. So the essential tree is in the roots  and the roots are in the depth. That which is visible on the ground is not the essential part of it. The foliage and the flowers and the fruits are nonessential parts. The essential part is hidden underneath the ground, underground. It is in the roots. There is the source of life. Yes, when you go deep, great foliage and great flowers and great fruits arise. Your branches rise high into the sky,. You have great height. The roots go into the soil and the branches grow into the sky and there is great balance. You can sway and dance into the sky and you can whisper with the stars. And you can love the wind and the rains. And you can have a dialogue with the sun. — Osho

This piece was written by Orly Politi.

Orly will be co-leading a workshop series called A Journey Through the Chakras. The first workshop of this seven part series will be on Sunday, February 17th from 12:30pm-2:30pm.  Sign up for this very special offering here.