Symmetry Has Your Numbers!

We are excited to announce a new addition to our health and nutrition services: The InBody 570 is one of the very best body composition analysis systems in the world.

Historically, accurate body composition analysis has been challenging and time consuming. Old model bioelectrical impedance meters have an unpredictable margin of error making it hard to track change over time. The dunk tank, which was considered the most accurate way to measure body composition is inconvenient, requiring a truck with the tank and getting into the water. The historic caliper / skin fold measures for body composition are uncomfortable at best, and rely on the tester’s ability to pinch the exact same skin folds every time the testing is done.

The InBody 570 is an advanced bioelectrical impedance meter that out paces other options on the professional market today. Testing entails standing on the machine for 45 seconds while a safe, specially calibrated electrical current runs through the body. Following that, a full page report is generated detailing lean mass, water mass (intra and extracellular), fat mass in total AND by body part. It even shows where there is inflammation, giving  you a better idea of where you may need some extra care. This system accelerates our ability to get you on exactly the right health program for your individual needs. We are able to track your progress extremely accurately and make specific adjustments to your plan based on this analysis.

We look forward to sharing our new technology with you!

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