Symmetry Moves Toward a Scent Free Environment

Dear Symmetry Community,

We want to bring attention to the fact that a significant percent of the population experiences scent sensitivity. Holistic health care is a core value at Symmetry, and we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable in our shared space.

Scent sensitivity is a big issue. Often people with scent sensitivity don’t disclose it because they don’t want to make others uncomfortable. The reality is, if someone is sensitive or allergic to a particular scent in their health care or movement environment it can derail their participation and progress. They miss appointments and training times because they are dealing with allergic illness, or they decide to avoid the space altogether.

Scent, whether it is perfume, cologne, essential oils, long exposure to incense, certain laundry detergents, strong dryer sheets, cigarette smoke, or even air fresheners can debilitate a scent sensitive person for days. They might experience migraines, nausea, inability to breathe, hives and a loss of mental focus.

Please do your part to make this a welcoming and healing environment for everyone!

Before coming in do a quick scent check and ask yourself:

-Am I wearing too much perfume or cologne?

-Can I wait until after my session to apply strongly scented deodorant?

-Can I wait until after my session to apply my essential oils?

-Am I wearing clothes that were exposed to heavy cigarette smoke?

See if there is a quick adjustment you can make to bring your scent level closer to neutral.

Small adjustments make a big impact. We definitely don’t want to come across as extreme. We simply want to make sure everyone feels at ease at Symmetry.

Thank you so much,

The Symmetry Team