Symmetry Sound Bath | Alameda Yoga Studio

Yoga in AlamedaSunday July 17th 7:00-8:30pm

Come let your troubles melt away through the magic of healing sound while beloved local yoga therapist and sound healer, Missy Felsenstein, bathes you in the nourishing tones of Paiste gongs and crystal singing bowls. Total relaxation and renewal can be yours for a blissful hour and a half in this heart-opening workshop!

Research has documented a process called “entrainment” that’s created by the sound-based therapies Missy offers. Entrainment has been shown to help release tension in the body, lower stress levels, and activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (also known as the “Rest and Digest” parts of the brain). This soothing process helps create balance through your whole system, and the experience of “conscious rest” helps you process emotion, heighten intuition, and sleep better.

There’s no prior meditation or yoga experience required; all you have to do is lay back in a yoga or meditation pose and receive. End your evening of self-care with an optional seated meditation, to receive the full benefits of the practice.

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$25 early bird, $30 day of event.

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