Symmetry Student Celebrates 100th Class!

Beloved Symmetry Yoga student, Greg Hartman, celebrated his 100th yoga class today in Valerie Tao’s lunchtime flow! Before walking through Symmetry’s doors back in April, Greg had only stepped on a yoga mat 4 times in his entire life. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions:

Q: What brought you to yoga?
A: I had some persistent lower back pain and core weakness that I wanted to improve.

Q: Has yoga helped?
A: It totally worked!

Q: What keeps you on the mat?
Overall well-being and mobility. Helps me do my job as a dad.

Q: Have you noticed any other unexpected benefits?
A: Contentment.

Q: Anything else? 
A: Last month I was recruited by my son’s kindergarten teacher to lead his class through some yoga. The kids loved it!

We’re so grateful to have you as part of the Symmetry Yoga Community, Greg!