Reclaim Your Upper Extremity Gifts With Power Plate®

Power Plate Classes in Alameda

Rehab used to be such a dreadful word. It’s what one does when an injury attempts to sideline us from the game of life. But, there was just no vitality in a word as boring as rehab. At the cutting edge Power Plate® studio in Alameda, we’d like to introduce Power Rehab! In one of our Power Rehab classes, you can do more than just rehab, you can reclaim your ability! Check out the Power Plate® schedule for our Power Rehab – Upper Extremity and Core Strength class.

The powerful feeling of cheering, applauding, or expressing excitement without holding back can be reclaimed. The proud feeling of multi-tasking, playing with/lifting children, or embracing a loved one without pain can be reclaimed. Any injury that has left one or both of your upper extremities (read: shoulder, elbow, wrist, et al.) in a diminished level of ability, can become a distant memory. If you’re not sure that this class is for you, come in for a muscle test. Many of us tend to favor one side over the other. Many of us don’t realize the damage that can come from years of using a mouse. (“Mouse shoulder” is an actual condition that tends to create unilateral weakness and rapid fatigue.)

During a Power Plate® class, members are often reminded to “power up” in order to reach the apex of a movement. Take a moment and imagine the power in every contracting muscle as you engage, focus your ability and rise up with power! Imagine what that feels like when you stand up. Imagine that determination coming from your mind and your body.

This class isn’t your normal rehab. This is Power Rehab and feeling the difference does more than words can express. Reclaim your ability to perform push-ups after slowly reaching the bottom of the movement, power up to the top! While the push-up exercise is only one example of an exercise that might happen in the Power Rehab class, it’s one that will strengthen both arms and the core. As the name suggests, the core (a network of muscles in the torso that help us to maintain ideal posture and balance while moving our bodies) is, arguably, the most important part of any fitness regimen.

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The Secret To Improving Balance And Preventing Falls

Power Plate Fitness Alameda, CA

It’s the season of summer action movies and everyone wants the secret to those awesome hero skills. Sure, you could hire Marvel to provide special effects and a wire harness. Or, you could reserve a spot in class at the cutting edge Power Plate® studio in Alameda. We can teach you how to improve on, the secret that all the heroes know, balance. Fitness is not just defined by strength, stamina, or body fat percentage.

There are actually 10 components of fitness that determine if someone is “in shape”. One of those 10 components is balance and it’s so important because we aren’t just going to stay upright by magic. Our body is constantly at work to maintain our postural control. Symmetry Yoga in Alameda has balance embedded in the name and this cutting edge Power Plate® studio will help improve your balance.

Our bodies are constantly learning and improving. When we begin a new strength-training program, the first few weeks of strength gains are actually a result of the brain learning when to fire which muscles and in which order. Our body learns to work smarter and the Power Plate® is an excellent teacher. “The Power Plate® generates vibrations that activate sensory receptors in the body, in turn provoking reflexive muscle contractions in leg and trunk muscles. As both sensory and motor pathways are strongly stimulated during Power Plate® training…” a recent study concluded that 12 months of training would result in improved postural control. See more details on that study at this link.

While training on the Power Plate® in Alameda will help to improve the other 9 components of fitness (Agility/Reaction Time, Body Composition, Cardiovascular Endurance, Coordination, Flexibility, Muscular Endurance, Speed, Strength, and Power) it will also improve bone density.

Wolff’s Law states that our healthy bones will adapt to the loads under which they are placed. The bones adapt to the load by becoming stronger with greater density. With Power Plate® training, the focus is on acceleration (via whole body vibration) instead of mass in order to improve the potential force (think: strength and bone density, specifically).

As your bones adapt to the acceleration (load) your bone density improves. If you’re ready for stronger bones, better balance, and preventing falls, step up to the Power Plate.  Sign Up Now for our $49 New Student Special!

Friday Night Flow 7!

Friday Night Flow Yoga in AlamedaFriday July 29th 8:00-9:30pm

Kick off your weekend with live music that will inspire you to move through an open level yoga class taught by Nikki Borodi. This month we are joined by sitar player Brian Karvelas to inspire your practice with these dreamy Middle Eastern tunes!
Whether you are new to yoga or a long time yogi, this class with Nikki and Brian will invite you to deepen your experience of Vinyasa Flow. Through music and movement you will find a sense of play in your practice, learning to listen to the body’s intuition, and how to move like your most embodied self.
Throughout Brian’s life he has been drawn to musical experience and the ways in which it serves to communicate in a realm beyond words and beyond thought. Musical soundscapes can be spaces of profound healing and powerful inspiration, and it is the tiny drops and glimpses of this power that kindle his desire to play and to devote himself to musical community. His greatest aspiration and fulfillment lies in creating music that provides a space in which we can heal our relationship with the earth and meditate upon our place in greater ecologies.
To hear some of Brian’s enchanting sounds please visit: Class is Sure to Sell Out! Sign Up Now!

Living a Low Carb Lifestyle | Alameda Health Center

Symmetry Alameda healthy eating

Saturday July 30th 11:30-12:30pm

Join Symmetry Health Center in Alameda for a nutrition workshop that is designed to help you manage your health in a world with so many choices! If you are looking to lose weight, maintain weight or just make healthier choices, this is the workshop for you! Team Symmetry will provide education and the tools to help support a lifestyle you can maintain. This monthly event is designed to SUPPORT a healthier version of YOU! Lunch will be provided by Greens and Grains!

*Please See Our Online Calendar As Dates May Vary on Holiday Weekends. Please Call Us or Email to Register for this FREE. Workshop

Drishti 101: Balance and Focus Through Gaze | Alameda CA

Alameda Yoga Studio

If you’ve attended one of our classes at Symmetry Yoga Alameda, you’ve probably heard our teachers refer to something called “Dristhi” (pronounced “DRUSH-dee”). This term means “focused gaze” and it refers to a special Yogic way of looking at the world. This tradition was developed thousands of years ago by the ancients to help them focus intently on their meditative practices. Drishtis were valuable parts of their seated meditation sessions as well as their moving “asana” practice. In some schools of yoga (like Astanga for example) there’s a specific Drishti associated with every pose, but Drishtis are a common addition to classes of other styles too.

Using Drishtis is a great way to maintain balance during standing poses. Symmetry Yoga teachers will often advise students to look down at a spot on the floor in order to ground down with their feet more firmly. This is especially helpful in poses like Tree, where only one foot is on the earth at a time, and stability can be extra tricky!

Drishtis are a useful tool for less advanced poses too. Upward Facing Dog is a great opportunity to use the gaze to support a long, graceful arch of the neck and spine. Seated twists are enhanced by a gentle use of Drishti too, as looking over the shoulder helps stretch the trapezius muscles, and complete the rotation around the central axis of the spine.

Drishtis are also very helpful in avoiding distraction during practice. When we control the direction and intention of our gaze it becomes much easier to stay in a focused, intentional space. When the gaze wanders around the room, we can get caught up looking out the window, at other students, etc. but with a strong Drishti it’s easy to avoid those pitfalls and stay focused on your own practice and meditative intent.

The metaphor of the Drishti is a powerful tool in itself: when we keep our focus on the things that support us in succeeding, the distractions fall away and we find ourselves on a clear path to where we want to be. If you’re excited about taking a step in this direction then head over to the Symmetry Yoga Alameda schedule and pick out a class! Your future self will thank you for it!

Setting Intent with Symmetry Yoga | Alameda CA

Yoga Alameda at Symmetry Health Center

Setting Intent is a powerful way to take charge of your life and approach the challenges you face from a place of power. The team at Symmetry Yoga Alameda are the perfect support system to help you set intents that are powerful and authentic, enabling you to stay true to your goals and live your best life!

But what exactly is “Setting Intent”? And how is it different from setting goals?

The biggest difference between Intentions and goals is that Intentions are more general and goals are more specific. Examples of a powerful intention are: “I will welcome abundance into my life” or “I will only eat foods that nourish my body”. Examples of goals are: “I will put 20% of every paycheck in my savings account this year” or “I will stop eating sugar for 30 days”. The actions you take as a result of the Intentions and goals are often the same, but there’s a big difference in how our brains process the different approaches. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to choose between the two! Setting intentions is one of the best ways to help us reach our goals, and stay committed to them when the going gets tough!

Setting Intentions in the context of a yoga class is a fun and inspiring way to workout your mind and spirit as well as your body. Yoga Intentions can be specific to that day’s practice, your own unique yoga journey, your professional or personal life, or even the health and happiness of a loved one. Sometimes the Symmetry Yoga teachers will guide the whole class into a specific Intention, and sometimes they might leave it more open. But no matter what there will always be something in it for you!

The biggest obstacle to powerful intentions is the voice inside that says “I can’t” or “that’s not possible”.  This is where the yoga comes in, because our deepest, wisest selves know that ALL things are possible if we set our minds and hearts to the task! When we set an intent from this kind of Yogic mindset, we gain access to power and determination that we might never find otherwise.

Check the schedule at Symmetry Yoga Alameda for your next opportunity to come set life-changing Intentions with our team of skilled teachers! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Hatha Flow with Sari Gelzer | Alameda Yoga

Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm

Symmetry Health Center Alameda is committed to offering a wide variety of health care services to meet each individuals needs and where they are in their healing journey. That is why Symmetry Yoga is diversifying our yogic offering.

We are please to announce that we have introduced a Hatha Flow class to our yoga class schedule.

Hatha is the foundation which many other forms of yoga are built upon, as it explores traditional physical postures. This class will focus on breath and alignment with an emphasis on allowing your body to move through the postures gently. Hatha Flow classes are appropriate for any level of yoga experience and will aid in the development of self-awareness and create a calm mind along with increased flexibility and an enhanced state of well-being.

Equal parts accessible and challenging, Hatha Flow classes are guided at a slower pace than its sister style, Vinyasa Flow. In Hatha Flow, you will hold poses longer and explore alignment in more depth.

Join us on Thursday Nights at 7:00 p.m. for Hatha Flow with Symmetry’s newest team member, Sari Gelzer. Sari is a 500-RYT certified instructor who’s teaching is informed by her experience as an athlete and massage therapist. She uses her knowledge of the body to provide her students with a practice that builds physical strength, mental clarity and overall vibrancy.

Check out our class schedule on to sign up for this new class!

Friday Night Flow 6! | Alameda Yoga

Friday June 26th 8:00-9:30pm

Kick off your weekend with live music that will inspire you to move through an open level yoga class taught by Nikki Borodi. This month our Alameda Yoga team is joined by popular DJ Raul Castro who will be spinning a special Prince set to inspire your practice!

Whether you are new to yoga or a long time yogi, this class with Nikki and Raul will invite you to deepen your experience of Vinyasa Flow. Through music and movement you will find a sense of play in your practice, learning to listen to the body’s intuition, and how to move like your most embodied self.

Raul Castro is a professional DJ who has been keeping people dancing since the 90’s. His 30+ years experience as a DJ and host extraordinaire, coupled with his impeccable sense of style and courteous manner, have made Raul a regular at many of the local clubs including The Red Devil Lounge, Verdi Club, 330 Ritch, and Supperclub to name a few. He’s sure to play a night of songs that will elevate your practice!

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Love Yoga, But Short On Time?!

Hop On The Yoga Express! 

A 30 minute express practice to re-set your day. Symmetry Yoga in Alameda cares about the needs of our students, that’s why we have created this special class for the yogi on the go! Although quick and to the point, nothing is compromised in this yoga practice. Students will be guided through simple exercises in a deliberate manner to achieve maximum value in minimal time.

The Yoga Express is an All Levels class that will dive into a simple, moderately paced, flowing practice to increase blood circulation and boost energy to carry you through the day. The class will also explore basic pranayama (breathing exercises) and easy meditation to clear the mind and reduce stress hormones.

Although this class is based on Vinyasa Flow principals, and will explore Sun Salutations, students should not expect to “feel the burn” or “sweat it out.” This class is meant to facilitate connection to the mind, body, and spirit, even while in the midst of the work day. You will leave this class energized and focused.

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Symmetry Sound Bath | Alameda Yoga Studio

Yoga in AlamedaSunday July 17th 7:00-8:30pm

Come let your troubles melt away through the magic of healing sound while beloved local yoga therapist and sound healer, Missy Felsenstein, bathes you in the nourishing tones of Paiste gongs and crystal singing bowls. Total relaxation and renewal can be yours for a blissful hour and a half in this heart-opening workshop!

Research has documented a process called “entrainment” that’s created by the sound-based therapies Missy offers. Entrainment has been shown to help release tension in the body, lower stress levels, and activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (also known as the “Rest and Digest” parts of the brain). This soothing process helps create balance through your whole system, and the experience of “conscious rest” helps you process emotion, heighten intuition, and sleep better.

There’s no prior meditation or yoga experience required; all you have to do is lay back in a yoga or meditation pose and receive. End your evening of self-care with an optional seated meditation, to receive the full benefits of the practice.

Learn more at

$25 early bird, $30 day of event.

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