Power Plate Your Way to New Years with Symmetry Yoga!

What if there was a way to maximize the efficiency of your workout? How cool would it be to work out for less than a half hour, but get the benefits of an hour-long workout? Scientists have found a way to make this possible, and Symmetry Yoga is bringing it to the island of Alameda in unique new ways—just in time for the new year!

The Power Plate classes we offer at Symmetry Yoga Alameda are an incredible value, because the specialized equipment magnifies every movement, making each 25-minute class a supercharged experience with lasting benefits. Our instructors bring an expert eye, reliable feedback, and rockin music, making each class so fun and engaging, it’ll be over before you know it.

Research has shown that the Power Plates’ vibrations make every minute spent on them valuable for building muscle tone and flexibility, and supporting skin health. Each of our instructors has a different background, so you’ll get a different “flavor” of Power Plate with every class. Check the schedule to see which will be the best fit for you! ‘Power Plate Pilates’ is a fun new addition to our existing ‘Symmetry Fit’ and ‘Stretch Strength and Balance’ offerings. This way you can fine-tune the exercise experience you want each and every day!

Joint stability is of the utmost importance for all bodies. Especially as we age, it’s crucial to keep our joints strong. And that’s where the Power Plate comes in! Power Plate classes force the smaller “stabilizing” muscles to engage and work much harder than they would without the Plate’s vibrations. Those little muscles keep the joints strong and healthy by bolstering the delicate connective tissues that keep our parts together.

If you’ve never tried Power Plate (or if you’re a regular Power Plate user but haven’t gotten to one of our new Pilates-style classes) then check the schedule for our current offerings! There’s nothing to lose, and so much strength to gain! Sign Up Here!

All-Level Mat Pilates Brought to You by Symmetry Yoga Alameda!

Pilates Classes Alameda YogaGreat news, everyone! Symmetry Yoga Alameda has expanded their offerings yet again with one of the most trusted rehabilitative exercise methods on earth: Pilates! Our experienced teachers are thrilled to bring you a style of movement that works as the perfect complement to your lifestyle, whether you’re recovering from an injury, just getting back to working out after some time away, or a seasoned athlete. Pilates is for every body, regardless of experience level or strength.

Loosely based on Hatha Yoga, Pilates was invented shortly after World War One by Joseph Pilates, a man who spent much of his life sick, injured and weakened by Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ricketts. He knew better than most how frustrating and depressing it is to be weak and out of shape. At the time there were no rehabilitative exercise styles that were accessible to all. Even the Yoga popular at the time required the practitioner to be fairly fit and flexible. Joseph Pilates knew firsthand what it was like to be too weak and pain-ridden to work out, so he knew he had to invent exercise style that was accessible to all.

After the war, Joseph offered his brand new exercise style (at the time it was called “Contrology”) to veterans who were bed-ridden, helping them regain the flexibility and strength they lost due to their injuries. It was a huge success, and he started to develop a following within the dance and gymnastics communities in New York City. The ballerinas and gymnasts loved the way the Pilates method helped strengthen their cores, recover from training injuries, build stamina, and create lean, dense, flexible muscles from head to toe.

As regular exercise became popular in the mainstream, more and more people turned to Pilates to give themselves a strong start towards their fitness goals. The rehabilitative community (chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.) recognized Pilates as the perfect addition to the healing regimens they laid out to their clients. They knew that the style is highly adaptive, with numerous modifications for people of all levels. This is why a beginner can work side by side with an experienced Pilates student in the same class, and they’ll both be equally challenged!

Check the schedule at Symmetry Yoga Alameda, and let our teaching team help you take your fitness regimen to the next level with Pilates!