Breath and Movement : Sun Salutations with Mary Smith

Sun Salutations yoga workshop in alameda oaklandSaturday September 8th 1:30-3:30pm 

This workshop will kick off our Elements of Yoga Series!

The sun salutations awaken, warm and prime the body for a strong yoga practice. In this workshop we will learn and review breathing techniques that support the sun salutations as well as break down each element of sun salutations A & B. This class will teach both beginners and experienced yogis basic anatomy, mobility and how to self-adjust with intention and intelligence. By moving through postures that support the sun salutations and learning how to use props, yogis will walk away with more knowledge of how their own bodies can get the most out of the sun salutations.

This workshop will conclude with an open-forum question and answer session — although questions will also be welcomed throughout the workshop.


$40 Early Bird | $45 Day Of | 20% Off for Symmetry Members


Special price for students who wish to pre-register for the whole series: $175 ($35/session) instead of $225.

Exclusively for Symmetry Members: 20% off each session separately or $165 for the whole series (Email management for promo code)

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