The Power of Malas

Mindfulness isn’t one size fits all, and there are many different paths to the same place of peace that all practitioners seek. Throughout every major religion, there’s one common thread: every faith tradition on earth has incorporated the use of some sort of prayer beads. From the Catholic Rosary, to the Muslim Misbaha, to the Buddhist and Hindu Mala, people all over the globe have used the counting of beads during meditative practice as a way to get centered and present. Symmetry Yoga Alameda is proud to offer a variety of beautiful Malas, so our students can take their practice to the next level.

There are a number of reasons that Malas traditionally have 108 beads (feel free to follow this link to read more about all of them) but one of the best of the bunch, especially for a new yogi’s intent-setting and overall sense of groundedness, is that the Hindu tradition teaches that there are 108 pathways to the heart. As we start a meditation practice, every moment can be a struggle to stay present and resist the ego’s tendency to bring our attention into the future and/or the past. Imagining that each breath (and the bead you touch as you take it) is a re-dedication to the pursuit of heartfelt living can be very empowering!

Malas can also be used in combination with mantras, the sacred repetition of a word or phrase that acts as an affirmation or a prayer. It doesn’t have to be anything specific or even spiritual; something as simple as “I am full of light” or “My body is strong and capable of healing” are wonderful ways to use Malas to enhance your mindfulness routine.

Come by and check out our beautiful selection of Malas today, and while you’re at it don’t forget to ask about our yoga and Pilates classes and workshops! Symmetry is growing by the day and has something exciting in store, whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking to take your physical practice to the next level!