The Power Plate® Origin Story | Alameda CA

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When people walk into Symmetry Yoga and they see the Power Plate®, they often ask where it came from or how long it has been around. “I’ve never heard of it!”, some exclaim. The shock is understandable when you see a class full of people squatting, lunging, planking, and pressing and you feel a fear of missing out. The last thing that we want to do is keep the Power Plate® a secret. But, some are apt to write it off as a new gimmick.

The Power Plate® is not a gimmick and the technology is certainly not new. If you remember your Physics lessons, it’s no secret that the output of force is determined by multiplying mass times acceleration. In order to improve our force output (i.e. get stronger) we often reach for more mass and lift heavy weights in order to overload our muscles, push them to the point of fatigue, and grow stronger through a detailed workout plan. What happens when you’ve reached your peak and lifting more weight no longer feels safe?

That’s when you boost the acceleration! At least that was the bright idea that Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov had when he applied the Power Plate® technology to the training of the cosmonauts in the Russian space program. His goal was to help prevent the cosmonauts’ muscles and bones from deteriorating in space.

That was several decades ago and about 20 years ago, the gold-standard in vibration technology found its way into the Olympic training center. Guus van der Meer and others marketed what would eventually become the Power Plate® back in 1999 and everyone that has used it has heralded its results.

Today, there are Power Plate® studios all over the world. You have one in your own backyard on the island of Alameda. Symmetry Yoga has lead the charge in bringing this revolutionary device to the public. Any one of our Power Plate® classes will quickly show you why so many celebrities and professional athletes use Power Plate® to grow stronger and/or rehab from injuries. Take a look at the class descriptions and
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