Updated Patient Hours, Nutrition Delivery and Free Yoga!

Dear Bay Area Community…

Covid 19 Yoga

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the world around us is changing rapidly as is Symmetry Health Center. What remains the same, is our commitment to you and your health! First off, our entire team would like to thank you for all of your support, kind words and patience during this confusing time.

On Monday March 16th, we decided to close the office temporarily to allow for our staff and patients to safely prepare for the shelter in place order.  We also felt the need to take time to reconfigure our practice model to make it safe and efficient per the new climate.  In addition, we took the time to move our Yoga and Fitness classes to an online platform to ensure social distancing. The in person Yoga classes and Power Plate fitness classes have been temporarily cancelled.  We have received exceptional feedback about these online classes through Zoom!

Per the recommendations of the Alameda Country District and the International Chiropractic Association, Symmetry Health Center has opened with very minimal hours for essential patient care. This is to ensure those in need are not turned away, and so that we may aid our fellow health care professionals in hopes of lightening their load and keeping otherwise healthy patients from overwhelming hospitals and urgent care centers causing further spreading of the virus. We have received a tremendous amount of gratitude from our patients who are in need of these services during this incredibly stressful time.

We will be offering treatment hours by appointment only during the week days for a few morning shifts and one evening shift to ensure we can provide essential services to those in need.  Patients will be scheduled in a format that allows for your utmost safety and well-being. That means we will have very limited staff, block patient time slots to ensure social distancing requirements, wear appropriate protective gear (i.e. masks and gloves), and thoroughly clean every surface in between each patient maintaining the highest level of hygienic practice. We also ask patients to self-screen before making any appointments, and additionally we will screen each patient as needed. This may include taking a forehead scan body temperature reading. In addition, we will be reaching out to patients who were under corrective care plans, so that we may assist in getting you home care prescriptions if you don’t already have one.

For anyone new to the center, we will continue to screen for acute care and other essential care needs including those who have suffered from motor vehicle collisions. We also continue to do Scoliosis screenings in person and via Telehealth on our HIPAA compliant Zoom platform. Scoliosis can be a progressive spinal disorder with rapid changes occurring during periods of growth and development, as well as in adults who can quickly deteriorate with related spinal degeneration and deformities.  Left untreated, these cases can end up surgical.  In addition to providing you with chiropractic services during this time we will also continue to address the other facets of health that help fight against our invisible enemy, COVID-19.

We are fully stocked with supportive immune boosting vitamins such as Vitamin D3Pre-ProbioticsZinc Lozenges, High Potency Fish Oil and an anti-viral supplement to boot (VR-X from Nutri-West)! We are offering pick up hours as well as delivery options. Now may also be the perfect time to pick up a Prolon FMD kit to start this highly effective 5 days water mimicking fast!  Check out our product line HERE, and then place your order by text or email!

It’s important to note that some of the greatest comorbidities that leave us vulnerable are obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.  It’s not too late to become proactive during our shelter in policy to help your body combat pathogens. Our weight loss department can help aid you remotely so that you have every tool at your disposal!

To top it off, Symmetry Health Center would like to help guide you on your virtual fitness journey! We are offering virtual fitness and yoga classes brought to you by the Symmetry Yoga team.  To existing and future patients we happily offer a promo code for 2 weeks free of unlimited Yoga and Fitness classes to help get you through this quarantine period! To access this you can go directly to https://symmetryoga.com/signup/ and use the code SYMFIT. To learn more about our teachers, healthy recipes and other digital announcements you can follow our Facebook and Instagram handles: @healthyposture, @symmetryhealthcenter @bayareascoliosis

On behalf of the Symmetry Family, we want to thank you for your loyalty, trust, support and understanding through this time. We look forward to connecting with you in the days to come!

Yours in Health and Wellness,
The Symmetry Team