What is Lotus Flow?

YogaLotus Flow is a common style taught by several teachers here at Symmetry Yoga so we thought it would be helpful to break down what Lotus Flow is.

What is Lotus Flow?

  • Lotus Flow is considered a type of vinyasa styled yoga.
  • It is an outline that works with the chakra system.
  • Each class moves up the chakras always beginning with the 1st chakra energies and ending with the 7th chakra.
  • The beginning of each class starts with a dharma talk and mantra.
  • Dharma talk is a way of linking the philosophical aspects of the yoga practice to everyday life.
  • The mantra aspect of the class can be as simple as singing an “OM” or a more complicated mantra like the Gayatri mantra.
  • The flow should balance the student regardless of what she/he is coming in with. (If you are nervous before class you should feel a sense of ease when you emerge from it. If you are feeling lethargic, you should feel more energized.)
  • There should be creative sequencing and music. The music can range from hip hop to kirtan (devotional mantra music).

The idea with Lotus flow is that you move up the chakras (energy system) in order during the class. Here is an outline of the postures associated with each chakra.

Lotus Flow Outline

  • First chakra: simple, warming postures
  • Second chakra: open hip and warming postures
  • Third chakra: core work/twists, beginning to sweat
  • Fourth chakra: back-bending, warming postures
  • Fifth chakra: inversions, neutral warming
  • Sixth chakra: forward folding, beginning to cool
  • Savasana

There are some styles of teaching asana that will concentrate only on one area of the body, but with Lotus flow it should feel a bit more like a balanced diet. There should be arm and leg strengthening, some back bending, some stretching. Some classes with Lotus Flow may be focused on one particular chakra that may color the whole practice—for example in a predominately third chakra class, there may be more core work and arm balances than in a fourth chakra influenced class that would involve more back bending.

Lotus Flow is a very holistic outline that usually makes everyBODY in the space feel balanced. If you are showing up to class because you are feeling deeply lethargic, then the class should make you feel energized. If you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, the practice should help support you to feel grounded and more calm.

This blog post was written by Patsy Hutchison. Join Patsy for Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays 8:30-9:45am and Thursdays at 5:00-6:00pm. Sign up now!