Yoga & Power Plate®June Attendance Challenge

Maybe you have heard the phrase, “Practice makes permanent”? We at Symmetry Yoga and Power Plate® care deeply about your well being and your movement practice so we have created our June Attendance Challenge!

How many Symmetry Yoga and Symmetry Power Plate® sessions can you attend between June 1 – June 30, 2017?

If you are new to Power Plate® training, it is a game changer and integrates perfectly with yoga practice. Power Plates® facilitate gains in explosive strength, core strength, balance, flexibility and bone density. 25 minute sessions on the plates are considered equivalent to 60 minutes in the gym. All of our sessions are scaled to the individual. Beginners are welcome. Our progressions are safe and developed based on where you are starting right now.

There are several yoga modalities offered at Symmetry Yoga. Yoga is known to assist with full body strength, core strength, increased balance and flexibility, improved circulation, metabolic regulation, and mental clarity. The ways we move in yoga practice are very different from how we train on Power Plates®. Incorporating the two modalities into movement practice enhances the benefits of each practice.

We will be tallying your overall attendance through the month of June, and we will be rewarding the person with highest attendance with a very exciting gift from one of our Alameda community businesses.

FOR EXTRA CREDIT – we want to acknowledge your engagement in your process! Tag Symmetry Yoga on social media, capture images, record a testimonial. There will be a spirit award in addition to the attendance reward.

TIME SPAN: JUNE 1 – JUNE 30, 2017